catalogue of websites designed by Raoul Audouin + collaborations

A Clearing Ahead

A Clearing Ahead was the Werkplaats Typografie contribution to Printed Matter’s Virtual Art Book Fair. As passers-by were invited to ask their questions about the future, the past, the present, answers were found in the books of the WT library. A way of sharing this private library, a way of discovering it. Website designed in collaboration with Emma Hazen, Johanna Himmelsbach, Soyeon Kim, Qihang Li, Theetat Thunkijjanukij, Kai Udema and Mijia Wang.

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Poetry Canon

The Poetry Canon is an offshoot of the Poetry Project, a stand-alone publication launched during the Project’s confinement. The Canon automatically connects poems with an audience. The first poems, published before the 2020 U.S. presidential election were automatically sent to U.S. politicians depending on their votes on a series of bills.

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The Poetry Project

The Poetry Project is a venue for new and experimental poetry founded in 1966 at St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery in the East Village of Manhattan, somewhere on a fine line between a poet-run space (certainly) and an institution (maybe). Website designed in collaboration with Paul Bernhard.

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Tamaas is a cross-cultural organization operating from Brooklyn, Paris, and Marrakech, publishing and translating texts, running social and artistic works in English, French and Arabic. Up until the lockdown, the website was run on a small server powered by a solar panel.

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Mirene Arsanios

Collection of published text written by now-New York-based, Lebanese author Mirene Arsanios. Her website insists on setting only the written texts in the visible center, while any information sits in fading surroundings, enhancing the natural distortions of a reading eye.

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La Paillasse

La Paillasse started as a bio-hackerspace in the outskirts of Paris to evolve into a wider open-source laboratory gathering scientists, artists, thinkers and entrepreneurs. Website designed in collaboration with Robin Bantigny-Pernot and many at La Paillasse.

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Excerpts from Erika Roux

Portfolio for Amsterdam based video artist Erika Roux. The website displays a chronological collection of excerpts from Erika Roux’s videos, presenting them as relevant works rather than only pieces of videos.

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Heterotropics is a research and curatorial project investigating the immaterial and material remnants of colonial desire and exotic projection, looking at and performing imagined geographies. Taking the city of Amsterdam as a starting point, Heterotropics was launched with a multifold event across the Indische Buurt neighbourhood in Amsterdam Oost.

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Catalogue of websites designed by Raoul Audouin + collaborations.


Unfold is an online library of folders in motion, curated by Sara Giannini and generated by seven guest curators. One after the other they expand, reorganize and reshape the library engendering new research perspectives. Unfold hosts shifting constellations of artistic content, books and found objects, both commissioned and already existing.

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Makhzin is an online and printed magazine, edited by 98weeks in Beirut, promoting innovative fiction, prose, and poetry, and favoring conversations between authors of the Middle East and North Africa and the rest of the world. Makhzin publishes texts in English and in Arabic with occasional translations.

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the VOLUME project

the VOLUME project investigates the potential of libraries as sites for artistic creation and production of knowledge, as well as for the formation of critique and dialogue. In September 2014 in Beirut, international and local artists, theorists, curators and librarians engaged the public library as a space and a concept, through a series of performances, interventions, talks, literary writings and installations.

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Website for VOICE ~ CREATURE OF TRANSITION, the 2015 edition of Studium Generale Rietveld Academie and Rietveld Uncut. Exploring the subject “voice” through weekly lectures, a conference-festival, a student exhibition and an extensive framework of events, V~COT’s design, made in collaboration with Nam Hee Ji and Paul Bernhard, used subtitles as a bond throughout its communication material.

The New Prairie

Website for Nicola Godman’s project The New Prairie, for which she investigates a field located in Buitenveldert, Amsterdam. From 2012 onwards, she has followed the development of the field as well as interacting with the landscape and the people around it, reporting weekly on the website the events and transformation of the field.

Inputs, Outputs & Disputes

Website presenting Inputs, Outputs & Disputes, an installation made in collaboration with Jérémie Rentien, Stig Steijner and Mehdi Vilquin. The installation brought together a set of instruments developed to incline novice musicians to instinctively, primitively play together.

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